My name is Ben Marwood. I’m a songwriter, a guitarist and a singer, after a fashion.

To date I’ve released two actual proper albums (Outside There’s A Curse/Back Down)
on Xtra Mile and other things other places, and I’m currently working on a third album, which is 7% complete.

You can get more information on releases and free noises on the Music page.
Any upcoming gigs can be found below, or in more detail on the Shows page.
You can get the latest updates below, or read the Blog for full ramblings.
The store is currently closed but will re-open soon.
There’s a whole bunch of social media links kicking around too.
As you can see, it’s all very intuitive.

If you like what I do and want to say hi, email is preferred: benmarwood@gmail.com
If you’re feeling brave you can also follow benmarwood on snapchat for infrequent pictures of my mum’s cats.

I hope you’re all well. See you soon!
b. x

Upcoming Gigs:
19-12-15 Union Chapel, London, UK (w/Frank Turner)