Below, a list of free mp3s for your downloading/playing pleasure. Enjoy!

>> From EPs
Friendly Fire [from the 2009 split EP ‘Exclamation At Asterisk Hash’]
Claire [from the 2008 mini-album ‘This Is Not What You Had Planned’]
Come All Ye Unfaithful [from the 2013 split-EP ‘Lay Low’]
Tampa International [from the 2013 EP ‘Demons’]

>> Rare versions of album nonsense
Toil (alternate version) [original version on the debut album ‘Outside There’s A Curse]
These Are the Days When You Can’t Go Home (alternate version) [original version on the album ‘Back Down’]

>> Covers
A Lack of Colo(u)r [Death Cab For Cutie]
No Name #1 [Elliott Smith]

>> The Unreleased
Horatio Dies [from nothing in particular]
Hold Your Breath (2010) [re-recording of 2007’s out-of-print vinyl release]

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